Custom Pixel LED Panel
Custom Pixel LED Panel
Custom Pixel LED Panel

Custom Pixel LED Panel

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Stand out from the crowd with our Pixel LED panel. You can display text, images, gifs, and even videos the possibilities are endless!

Our custom LED panel utilizes a premium flexible LED Array combined with programmable technology enclosed in a flexible IP68 waterproof adhesive polymer, making it effortlessly adherable and removable without any residue. Just connect the provided USB cable, and you're ready to go!

What's Included?

  • LED Panel
  • 4M USB Cable
  • 3M Adhesive For Permanent Applications 

Use your Smartphone to download, edit and create!

Effortlessly connect via Bluetooth with the app on your Apple or Android device to unlock all features, including free-draw, free-text display, upload your own images or GIFs, and access a vast online library of user-generated GIFs for ultimate customization.

Easy application anywhere!

The panel, made of a flexible IP68 sticky polymer, remains durable, water, and dust resistant, while retaining its flexibility. It can be easily attached to any window without glue, removed cleanly, and includes double-sided adhesive pieces for permanent application.

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